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We create change processes that motivate people.

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The world is undergoing rapid change. Whether it's corona, inflation, a new generation, AI or simply the question of meaning - these changing conditions have left their mark on the world of work.





Company Culture




New Work

Employee Loyalty



Remote Work



Turnover of Staff

It is precisely in these situations that looking ahead becomes particularly important. Recognizing opportunities, retaining and motivating employees, streamlining in a healthy way, revitalizing the corporate culture - all this helps to act economically efficiently and not react.


That's why we work with you to plan processes that involve all stakeholders through comprehensive communication and are therefore sustainable. With our expertise, your corporate structure and culture will continue to develop. From retrospectives, workshops and keynote speeches to long-term change management projects: We help you to make transformation comprehensible, communicate it sustainably and implement it successfully in the long term.

Not only for, but with employees

Through years of management experience, we have come to the conclusion that change management and growth can only be successful if the why and the how are understood and supported by everyone involved.


We have experienced for ourselves how relevant orientation, involvement and genuine understanding are for the success of change. That's why we work with you and the right team from your company to plan processes that involve all stakeholders through comprehensive communication and lead to sustainable success.

Your employees are the key to success.



New Work

Values, Vision

& Mission




"Thanks to LANEQUEST's lecture, we were able to raise awareness of how important change is today, especially in the context of "New Work."

Uwe Wollgram

Managing Director at “ams – audio media service”

People First: The Advantages



Necessary changes are solved at the core - with and by the people who are responsible for them. This saves external costs.



The implementation does not follow a standardized approach, but is tailored to the company's own culture and is therefore particularly effective.



Involving employees promotes appreciation and motivation, thereby increasing the desire to innovate.



The specialist knowledge, the tools for implementation and the findings remain in the company and empower the right people.

Result: Increase in economic efficiency

Our Services


Change Management

We accompany necessary changes through to successful implementation.




Together we define important foundations such as values, purpose, vision and mission.

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We are building a sustainable corporate structure that solves tomorrow's problems today.




We find the right words in the right formats to accompany change.

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With us, you will master the challenges of New Work and build a healthy culture.

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We make the right adjustments for happy colleagues in the long term.

Who we are


Recognizing and promoting potential is as much in Hillevi's blood as building efficient structures. She likes to dive deep into numbers and think about the day after tomorrow today. She quickly grasps the essentials and gets to the point. She is not afraid of unpleasant truths and feels perfectly at home as a challenger. Loves to go for a walk with her poodle: Enna.

Hillevi Lausten
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Marco understands the importance of a healthy Corporate Culture like no other - and has often shaped it himself. In terms of communication, no one can fool him. His approach is clear, but not boring, and he likes to be creative. He also packages difficult changes in such a way that all target groups feel understood and heard.

Marco Neubert
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  • What do you offer?
    We want to support you in setting up your company correctly in important areas of organizational development, implementing this change and thus planning ahead now. Change management is the keyword here. Specifically, we can help you with the following questions: How can major changes in companies be implemented in the best possible way? How can we communicate with all employees and get them on board? How do we establish a modern corporate culture in times of hybrid work? What will our organizational structure look like in 2026 and what advantages do we derive from planning this now?
  • What makes you special?
    We not only advise, we accompany, support, create and lend a hand where it really helps. We come from more than 35 years of professional life, in which we have helped various start-ups and scale-ups in leadership positions to grow. Change management in our focus areas of marketing, structure, culture and communication has been a constant companion. We have made mistakes, experienced, seen and learned from them. We have led companies to success, created structures, rebuilt, redesigned. We have had to terminate people, implemented new leadership models, and been able to help our colleagues develop. We have worked in holacracies as well as built hierarchies. We designed and implemented holistic marketing campaigns with eight-figure budgets. We've shaped brands. We have seen what happens when change has not been well communicated. We want to prevent that from happening in the future, to make it as transparent and open as possible for all employees. We have learned a lot along the way and want you to avoid mistakes and make the right decisions more quickly. We want to go through your change process together with you. We are the extension of your team when it comes to doing. We are cheerleaders or challengers where it is needed. In short: We are at your side.
  • What is your approach?
    We get to know you at the initial meeting. You tell us what topics you are concerned with and we discuss where you need support. Before we really get started, we define the project together. From this, we develop a briefing that structures the agreed content: the status quo, goals and expectations. Then we tackle the project together: we go into detail, we work out important contents in workshops and develop solutions that fit you. We empower you to implement the necessary changes and accompany you along the way. This is how we reach our common goal. At the end, we do a retrospective together and look at how the status quo has changed and collect all the learnings that you take with you.
  • How much does your service cost?
    There is no general answer to this question, because not only every change, but also every company is unique. In order to create a customized offer, an initial meeting and subsequent queries are inevitable. Of course, we have a defined daily rate, but even that is adjusted depending on the scope of the change management project. All steps up to the signing of the offer won't cost you a cent anyway, so feel free to contact us if we can help you.
  • How do you measure success?
    Change management projects are not always measurable in concrete KPIs. Therefore, the most important thing for us is your feedback during and after a collaboration. We stay close to the project and those responsible and talk regularly about the status and progress during the process. This allows us to make adjustments in time, if necessary. In the retrospective we talk openly about the change process and the achievement of the defined goals. In this way, we ensure that we have accompanied you successfully. Good feedback, follow-up orders and the pride of our customers about their own performance are the most beautiful "measurements" for our success.
  • Are you the right people for us?
    This is a question that we don't want to answer with a simple "Yes, of course!" After all, we deliberately set up our own business to help companies with which we can identify. This match can have many facets: Culture, values, chemistry, business model. And that applies to us as well as to you. We try to give you an authentic insight about us on our website and on LinkedIn. But it is always best to exchange ideas directly. Therefore, we are looking forward to your inquiry and to getting to know you soon. If it doesn't fit, we'll quickly notice it on both sides. And even faster, if it fits. We are looking forward to meeting you!
  • What is your motivation?
    For more than 35 years, we have worked in executive positions for fast-growing companies. This experience is now available to all those who are facing challenges that involve major changes. We offer you an unbiased view from the outside on your organizational development, support you with all our expertise and also lend a hand in the implementation. We help you if you have open questions about the corporate culture, if the right marketing setup is needed, if the organizational structure needs an update and accompany all these changes with the right communication that such challenges require. Every change is a new adventure that we look forward to. We at LANEQUEST want to support you sustainably in mastering your tasks. Together we go on your adventure journey: We discover possibilities, find hidden potentials and realize transformation that moves you forward. Very important for us: the communication is mainly directed inwards, so that your teams are taken along. Because in the future you should look back with pride on the decisions you have to make now and on the path you have taken. We not only want to advise you, but also accompany you during the implementation and navigate you to the finish line.​
  • What makes you qualified?
    Of course, our studies in communication, psychology or business administration are not necessarily a disadvantage for our consulting work. However, it is primarily our practical experience and the strategic management of change in recent years that has led us to change management. In our more than 35 years of professional experience, we have seen a great many changes from different perspectives. Company acquisitions, structural adjustments, layoffs, corporate cultures, mergers, crises. We experienced all these changes in small startups with less than 50 employees up to Grown Ups with several hundred employees. In the process, we discovered that empathy is needed to bring all people along as part of the change process. Unfortunately, this part is too often neglected and that is exactly why we want to help companies with LANEQUEST to implement their upcoming changes in the best possible way. Because we not only advise you, but we also implement. We don't let up until the change has really been implemented sustainably.


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